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* SFI has its online store TripleClicks with over 100 000 products.
So by registering yourself in SFI you are automatically connected to this online store.
Here you have the opportunity to advertise the store itself, advertise a particular product. It is
IMPORTANT to note immediately that you personally do not sell, you do not have the obligation to pack, send the product.
So, the only thing is to promote, bring the buyer, and from any potential purchase you get 45% direct commission.

*IMPORTANT: What is best in SFI is that your potential customer at TripleClicks becomes your lifelong customer.
In translation: If he buys a product today, you wil get the same profit if he bye it for one year! What is the rarity between Affiliate companies. 


- Another important thing is the opportunity to sell your own product.
-By statistics every few seconds someone becomes a member of SFI! (THAT IS FANTASTIC! ISN'T IT?)
* Very interesting thing are popular AUCTIONS. Of course, you can also promote AUCTION.
It means that you do not buy anything on them, but that you earn from them by their promotion.

**** The vast majority of people decided to build their own team.
The so-called Network Marketing which is also the most popular in SFI business.
I must mention immediately that this job is on the long run, that you need to invest your effort,
time, advocating every day to learn new things, track your sponsor, people who have been in business 
for a long time, and in a few months you can expect to earn a living. In this way, salaries are more and more stable over time,
and bigger. In translation, as your team of associates grows, you also grow revenue up to the 12th generation in depth.

-The first and foremost goal is to achieve the status of EA2 - Executive Affiliate and collect 1500 Versa Points.
When you sign up to SFI you are logged into your SFI account, the first important thing you need to do within 
the first 24 hours is fill in your profile with the right data and insert your profile image. (similar to Facebook)
IMPORTANT: It is important to give correct information about the later making of your payment card,
which SFI sends to your home address by earning the first $ 20.
If you collect in the first 24 hours 500 points, SFI will reward you with an additional 200 points.
-If you confirm the Status EA2 the second time, you will be entitled to certain benefits. Concrete earnings.
- You know, the company is going to meet you as a beginner for the first month, but the next monthwhen you are at the second level 
of the EA-Executive Affiliate, you start from scratch, and continue with collecting VERSA POINTS. 
Of course the company thinks at all, so any member who is it registers in the middle of the month or eventually 
has the right to transfer its VERSA POINTS to the next month. -If you do not have 1500 points at the end of the second month, 
you have collected, for example, 900. The other 600 points must be made by buying or selling.
What in the translation means that you can really succeed here without any investment, and even if you had to invest it, 
it would be really ridiculous small amounts of money. Imagine if you open a store, a boutique ...
How much money would you have put in maybe a couple of thousand dollars, and you would not be sure if you would 
return it invested again. 
- All this system of work with beginners and new members was designed by top internet marketers experts
in order to make serious and very good partners from total beginners with modest or no knowledge.

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